Inspection Center

The Test and Inspection Center
  Equipped with high-accuracy testing and R&D equipment, the Test and Inspection Center is responsible for quality control in the production processes by testing and researching the welded pipe, especially the HFW steel pipe. The Test and Inspection Center also undertakes the scientific research work of new product, new process and new technology.

The Test and Inspection Center Drop Weight Tear Testing Machine Specimen Notch Suppression Machine


Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine Low Temperature Automatic Impact Testing Machine Photoelectric Emission Spectrometer


Vickers Hardness Tester Impact Specimen Notch Projector Metallurgical Microscope

Inspection Equipment
Online Plate Inspection:Adopting pulse - reflective combination of probe longitudinal wave detection method of 12 channels, to 100% detect the longitudinal defects of the whole plate.
Online NDT Test for Welding Seam: Detect the Welding seam defects, the lamination of HAZ and control the height of inner burr, to ensure the defects of welding seam and inner burr were 100% detected, tracked and removed
Flattening Test:In the production process, 0 and 90 ° flattening test is carried out to ensure the basic performance requirements of the welded pipe
Hydrostatic Test:Hydrostatic test has been used to determine and verify pipeline integrity of base material and welding seam.
Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Inspection:NDT test for the pipe body, 100% covering.
Offline NDT Test for Welding Seam:To check if there were any defects that located on either side of the welding seams after hydrostatic testing

Online Plate Inspection Online Testing Machine Hydrostatic Testing Machine


Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Inspection Offline Inspection Flattening Testing Machine